Source 15 “Marihuana in Lithuanian army in Kaunas J. Vitkus battalion – everyday’s activity”.

Posted: November 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

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Eglė Trataitė – Žebelienė thinks, that to controll every soldier, what he is carrying – it is impossible. What about dogs of the War Policy, ha?

One of the soldier’s of Lithuanian army, so called “šauktinis”, has told to daily internet site “”, that in the army batalion, where he had spend 9 months, he could see soldiers easily getting marihuana, and even smoking it inside the army.

“Soldiers never got caughts in the place.” tells soldier. “They even ordered “grass”, and the sellers would bring it to the battalions fence.”

“I watched them and I saw that they would smoke every time before forest trainings. They have also used some kind of pills. Their eyes would become red. But nobody from the officers payed attention to that”, tells a soldier, who had no chance to reveale this scandal, while being for 9 month locked with those :heroes” in the same battalion in Kaunas, Panemune.

Of course, army representative, as Egle Trataite – Žebelienė, always deny everything.


Not exclussion is this time too.

Instead ofstart a case and analyze hair resulsts of “ex soldiers” (marihuana remain in the body for some 9 more months), also it is possible to do blood and plasma tests – Lithuanian army choses positions “we cannot analyze everything, as it is over”.

No Army Controll institution is being valid inside the army.

General Inspection sitting in the Defence Ministry always keeps a position to calm all the scandals down.

As it was clear long time ago, uptil 2008 years, when army soldiers training was still going on – there were drugs and alcohol consumed inside the army.

The same denial as always.

What is next? Trump (newlly elected presidents of United States of America) will refuse to support Lithuanian army for additional arguments: that he has his own drug dealers in the States? And first he must fight them – later on to help Lithuanian Army fight with their

nonsences inside?

As ex – soldier, and also active citizen- I could say – this doesn’t surprise me.

I know personally senior soldiers from the same battalion.

I have been catching them falling down from the stairs in one bar, when they got completelly drunk on the Lithuanian Army day.

Also they smoke marihuana. That is why this battalion has such big tollerance to the drugs.





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