Lithuanian police scared to death of Lithuanian national security service (VSD) investigation on accounting systems, linked to Russian CBU (FSB)

Posted: May 24, 2017 in Uncategorized


Nuotr. Queen Dalia only said “nununu” to Linas Pernavas for his accounting systems, but did not demand his dissmissal…Wjat does it mean?

Lithuanian police director Linas Pernavas could work freely, persucute whom he wanted, lie, discredit Lithuanian youth every moment he wanted – as example it is March 10 th his “show”, when he named all the youth, that are born in the period of the Independent Lithuania “degradate”.

Th March 11th it is Independence day…

One week ago it became clear, that Lithuanian Police Department uses Russian system programming for accounting systems.

That was already informed by Ukraine national security, the company S1 linked to Russian secret services.

But Linas Pernavas did not pay any attention to that message.

Opposite – he started investigation on the newspaper “Laisvas laikrastis” (, why in this paper there is one criminal case of the unknown girl named Ieva analyzed.

Writing, publishing, analyzing Linas Pernavas holds for mere criminal action.

But his own ruling in the department, which is straightly linked also to the national security, because it is so – police must be loyal to the state – is ruling in accordance to Russia’s interests, to control Lithuanian police.

Which exactly works under some contrary instructions – to say on TV that the Independence did not give anything to the state, could only the enemy of the state.

And Linas Pernavas did it.

He said that.

After revealed, that Police Department of Lithuania uses Russian programming systems for IT, and especially, for accounting – it is more clear, who’s interests defends Linas Pernavas.

It is pity, that President has no power to dismiss such a person.

On the other hand – whom served mister president of Lithuania?

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