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Only today there came out to public a fact, that “in the cellar of the Ekologistika in the near pats there were soviet tanks kept”.

Soviets like to keeop also rocket “heads”. They have a feature to be nuclear. There are no sufficient data, what amount of militar amunition they have taken, and what part did they leave.

Of course, the chief Cicenas, owner of EKOLOGISTIKA, could have not known about tanks, rocket heads etc.
That explains more, why “simple tire fire” was on fire entire 10 days and even few days after the official end of the fire – normally, tires do not burn in such a high temperature, but the militar amunition does.

If there ae some “sceletons in the closet”, that explains a lot very crazy, and inadequate behaviour nor only of the government, but also of president – in the light of ecological catastrophy, he with some length, and relax just left Lithuania for Japan. Burn…I do not care – as if he had to say to all of us.

Only mayor Nerijus Cesiulis understood, that this is not simple fire, he probably has served some time ago in the army and had preparations, how to figur out, what level of danger is that.

And he was right.
Very weird information, that “the fire is seen also by NASA”. NASA is militar cossmical intelligence, and is interested in only in militar objects – if they are on fire.

Please note, that LUBRIZOL in Roeun, in France is american militar factory, established for God knows, what aims. Maybe to burn it down it was “less danger” when it had left to work – because did you think about that: where these all chebmical bombs, used in illegal wars – are produced?

And for God sake Lithuania has kept soviet amunition? And how much, and where? And how to count now – is this newly bought amunition, or the old one?

And the tires – thousands and thousands tone as a roof in direct and indirect meaning – very good masq for some crimes let is say, for war crimes, hiding something in the cellars. You can always say “these are that soviets left and we did not know”.

For God sake then some Lithuanian army officials has visited this object only few days before the fire?

About hiden militar objects in the cellar of the factory (before – or never removed?)
Sunku buvo įsivaizduoti, kad Lietuvoje yra tokio dydžio patalpų. Čia anksčiau veikė tekstilės gamykla, o vienas iš senųjų Alytaus ugniagesių pasakojo, kad po ja yra rūsys. Jame, pasak alytiškio kolegos, galėjo būti slepiami kariniai tankai. Tai galite įsivaizduoti, koks jo ilgis? Tiesiogine prasme šis pastatas savo dydžiu tiesiog šokiruoja.

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About NASA sees the fire in Alytus:

Kaip matyti palydovinėje gaisrus stebinčioje NASA informacinėje sistemoje FIRMS, ties Alytumi yra pažymėta apie įsiplieskusį gaisrą. Realiu laiku stebėti galite čia: FIRMS

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